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Ceramic Jewellery is handcrafted by skilled artisans and can be styled with anything and everything, and can be one of the classic pieces you own. These beautiful pieces can be as minimalism you want to maximalism. These pieces are glazed, handpainted, textured and can also be combined with different materials like glass, metal or wood.

Ceramics are one of the most common material that is known to exist in your everyday lives and are mostly found in home décor, our kitchen, tableware, pottery, tiles or bricks but have you ever imagined them wearing as Jewellery or accessorising them? Yes, that’s right Ceramic Jewellery. People react surprised when learning about ceramic jewellery but believe it or not, Ceramics are one of the most beautiful and versatile material and they tend to create beautiful Jewels.

We know how Millennials prefer wearing streamlined jewellery that focuses on geometric shapes, delicate gemstones, and asymmetrical stacks. No matter your style, minimalistic jewellery pairs with any look. As a millennial myself  I always look for something different and unique jewellery to wear and style myself. And to keep up with trends we always scroll through the internet or social media or roam around in malls or streets looking to buy something or the other to go with different styles.

List of amazing Ceramic Jewellery to look for in the year 2021.

  • Chic Ceramic stud earrings.
  • The work-wear Ceramic Pendant.
  • Summer wear a ceramic ring.
  • The Boho floral ceramic ring.
  • Not so boring drop ceramic earrings.
  • Artsy Ceramic Pendant.
  • Festive Ceramic Hook earrings.
  • College Casuals ceramic pendant.
  • Mandala ceramic Pendant.
  • Streetwear ceramic jewellery.

Let us look into 10 Different styled ceramic jewellery every millennial should own.

1.Chic Ceramic stud earrings

These Ceramic styled chic earrings are a  combination of ceramic and glass with calm colours that give you a feel of class and elegance and can go with simply any chic attire of yours.

2.The work-wear Ceramic Pendant

This Ceramic long pendant jewellery combined with wood having different shades of blue makes you want to style your work outfit.

3.Summer wear ceramic ring

Summers are best to go with vibrant and bright colours and ceramic Jewellery are known for its beautiful colour. So what else could be best other than wearing colourful ceramic rings for summer?!

ceramic summer ring

4.The Boho floral ceramic ring

This is one of my favourite style of Ceramic Jewellery, beautifully handpainted chic bohemian pattern and colours are just the ones for your casuals and hippie outfits.

5.Not so boring drop ceramic earrings

This modern styled ceramic jewellery is a light weighted earrings that go best with your neutrals.

 6.Artsy Ceramic Pendant

Handpainted art, patterns and colours on the ceramic pendant is for millennials who love to experiment with their looks and style.

7. Festive Ceramic Hook earrings

We all know festive Jewellery is all about going with colours and traditional patterns, well what else could you choose to go with indigo blue ceramic hook earrings with embossed traditional floral pattern.

Ceramic Festive earrings

8.College Casuals ceramic pendant

Ceramic funky long pendant would look great on college-going who prefer casuals.

9.Mandala ceramic Pendant

Mandala is a spiritual symbol representing the universe and as we know that any art, pattern or colour can be created on ceramic jewellery. This spiritual styled ceramic pendant is best for people who admire the beauty of creation.

10.Streetwear ceramic jewellery

Well we all are aware of the streetwear style of layers and stacks. How can a ceramic necklace be styled in layers or rings in stacks? believe it or not these layers of ceramic necklace and stacks of a ceramic ring should be on every millennial accessory list.

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