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Who could have thought that this season Menswear Jewelry will be brimming with excitement and anticipation, for the past few years we have witnessed so many beautiful changes in the world of fashion including how the meaning of fashion has changed for men. Younger Millennials and Gen Z have to change the vision of Menswear in terms of creativity, fashion, jewelry, and whatnot. And with social media booming, there is no doubt that we would see more creativity than ever for men in the coming years. Gen Z and millennials have changed the meaning of Jewelry for Men. Before we talk about Menswear Ceramic pendant to follow in 2022 lets explore the idea of Menswear Jewelry being revolutionary.

The idea of Menswear Jewelry is just the beginning of a new jewelry revolution. Jewelry like bead necklaces, metal pendants, pearl necklaces, link chains, elements like shells, crystals, and pearls symbolizes artistic cultures. Gen z and millennials are expressing themselves by making a statement through jewelry and fashion. We have seen a revolution of style in menswear all over the world through social media and it’s evolving so fast that it is breaking the stereotype associated with men accessorizing themselves.

Men are now becoming more confident and fearless and expressing their masculinity through jewelry and whatnot. Well other than metal, beads, shells, or crystal, ceramic can be so classy to make a statement. Lately, menswear style and jewelry have caught my eye so much that I just can’t stop thinking about menswear ceramic pendant, they would be such a classic and artistic addition to the style.

Here are 8 types of different Menswear Ceramic pendants.

1.Caramel Coffee Ceramic Pendant

Ceramic has the nature of adapting to any colour and colours are a beautiful way to express yourself. Caramel coffee colour Ceramic pendant gives a light brownish shade with an engraved geometric floral pattern would be best to style it with darker shade sweater or a leather jacket. Mera Label is one such brand to launch This caramel coffee ceramic pendant.

Caramel coffee menswear ceramic pendant
Caramel Coffee Pendant

2.Mandala Ceramic Pendant

With the traditional geometric pattern Mandala art on the ceramic pendant represents the culture and art through jewellery. This pendant could be styled with more casuals or summer look with not many colours around giving focus to the mandala ceramic pendant of the brand Mera Label.


Mandala Menswear Ceramic pendant
Mandala Ceramic Pendant

3.Tie & Dye Ceramic Pendant

Tie & Dye is such a beautiful concept to bring out the unexpected colours and patterns, Ink Blue Tie & Dye Ceramic Pendant turns to be more focused on the colour and seeking more attention towards the pendant. This amazing craft on the jewellery could be styled with summer casuals wearing it in the daytime.


Tie & Dye Menswear ceramic pendant
Tie & Dye Ceramic Pendant

4.Zig Zag Ceramic Pendant

Earlier there were different defined colors for men and women, but today we can see men experimenting with all the colors even pastels for the matter of fact. The zig-zag pattern shades of blue and red on the pendant give you such a happy feel and vacation feels. And this menswear ceramic pendant would just be perfect for men to wear on pastel shade outfits.

Zig-zag Menswear ceramic pendant
Zig-Zag Ceramic Pendant

5.Sky Palette Ceramic Pendant

This Menswear Ceramic pendant painting a picture of the sky is just what you need to layer with your necklace or chokers pearls on a blazer night out. Glass and ceramic combined to create this beautiful menswear pendant.

Sky Palette Menswear Ceramic pendant
Sky Palette Ceramic Pendant

6.Christmas Carol Pendant

Christmas is a holiday celebration full of red and green colours with gifts, cakes and Santa Claus. Christmas Carol Menswear ceramic pendant paints the celebration of Christmas using a red and green colour which can be styled with darker shades of polo sweater.

Christmas Carol Menswear ceramic Pendant
Christmas Carol Pendant

7.Gender-neutral Ceramic Pendant

Florals are always meant to be for girls or women, but this gender-neutral ceramic pendant is breaking the stereotype and men are loving this ceramic pendant from the mera label which could be styled with anything and everything on a regular day.

Gender Neutral Menswear Ceramic Pendant
Gender Neutral Ceramic Pendant

8.Crackled Ceramic Pendant

Greys and off-white is such a neutral shade, and this simple and classy Crackled Ceramic Pendant is best for a shiny night out with friends. This long pendant could be layered with a shiny choker to give more attention to the details of the piece.

Crackled Menswear Ceramic Pendant
Crackled Ceramic Pendant

Menswear Jewelry and accessories is the next big thing in the fashion industry and we will be seeing a lot more new experiments, trends, styling and exposure of menswear jewelry.

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